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food The Carnegie Deli is shutting down today. Here's a great piece by Katz's Deli owner Jake Dell on Carnegie, the legacy of the Jewish deli, and love of food MISC Dell
food New years Starter, Lobster au Gratin, Scallop woth sweetpea cremé and caviar of Kalix toast Homemade au
AskReddit Americans of Reddit, how much does Trump's Twitter feed bother you? Twitter
LifeProTips LPT Red Bull and V8 mixed together are surprisingly good. Red Bull
funny Someone in my apartment complex parked a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee and left it running Jeep
explainlikeimfive ELI5: Why is it that after years of using Facebook I'm only now getting a "pop-up" telling me about cookies? Facebook
tifu TIFU by having sex in a Taco Bell bathroom. Bell
mildlyinteresting Neighbor parked a brand new Jeep Grand Cherokee and forgot to shut it off - been idling for over 3 hours now Jeep
mildlyinteresting America is a Year Behind The United Kingdom at the moment United
mildlyinteresting There is a fence on the face of the Lego Beast Lego
news Spokane man claims ageism after being banned from Starbucks for hitting on teen barista Starbucks
nottheonion Spokane man claims ageism after being banned from Starbucks for hitting on teen barista Starbucks
videos How Much Money I Make On Youtube With 500 Subscribers Comedy Youtube
funny My brother just uploaded this to Facebook captioned "taking selfies with my 5ft girlfriend isn't easy" Facebook
todayilearned TIL to celebrate the 100th anniversary of college football in 1969, Kansas Jayhawks kicker Bill Bell wore the number "100". He is one of only two players to wear a number higher than 99 in an officially sanctioned football game Bell
AskReddit What are some of the most important languages to learn other than English as someone from the United States? United
Showerthoughts The ABC New Years anchors had to have been the inspiration for the Capitol citizens of The Hunger Games. ABC
videos [What Actually Happens When Gay Guys See Other Gay Guys and Straight People Aren't Around 2 vMASHUP - Create and Watch Youtube Video Mashups](https://www.reddit.com/videos/comments/5ld29y/what_actually_happens_when_gay_guys_see_other_gay/)
IAmA IamA UPS Driver, AMA! UPS
AskReddit If Google knows everthing about us, why aren't they running any employment services? Google
personalfinance Which Hilton card: Amex Surpass or Citi Reserve? Citi
personalfinance Which Hilton card: Amex Surpass or Citi Reserve? Hilton
videos A promotion McDonald's did around '88-'89 where a lucky person got to win $1,000,000 if they found a record with the winning tune. McDonald's
news New Year's Attack on Packed Istanbul Club Leaves 35 Dead - ABC News ABC
todayilearned TIL "Kool-Aid pickles" have become popular with kids in the Delta region of Mississippi. The recipe's simple: take dill pickles, cut them in half, and then soak them in strong Kool-Aid for more than a week. The sweet vinegar snacks are known to sell out at fairs and generally go for $.50 to a $1. Delta
gaming I saw this bizarre promo at a Microsoft store Microsoft
todayilearned TIL Kuwait almost doubled is meat consumption kg/person between 2002 and 2009, from 60.2kg to 119.2kg. Almost drawing level with the United States, the world leader, at 120.2kg. Bangladesh has the lowest meat consumption at only 4kg. United
AskReddit The United States has died, and all the nations of the world gather at the funeral. How does it go? United
Jokes Why are there no Walgreens in Africa? Walgreens
worldnews Istanbul Reina nightclub attack 'leaves 35 dead' - BBC News BBC
worldnews How a dead gorilla became the meme of 2016 - BBC News BBC
mildlyinteresting My Taco Bell sauce packet was blank. Bell
nottheonion Zsa Zsa Gabor’s widower carries late wife’s ashes in Louis Vuitton dog bag after funeral Louis Vuitton
funny This random Starbucks notification. Starbucks
WritingPrompts WP the Chinese have peacefully taken control of the United States Gov. All guns, explosives, planes, and ships are taken away before the Chinese shut down the entire power grid. Right before they do though they leave one message via TV, radio, and billboards, "last state standing wins". United
UpliftingNews Cops Say Uber Driver Saved 16-Year-Old Passenger From Sex Trafficking Uber
videos NYC Travel Video Shot on Sony A7sii Sony
AskReddit Those who Uber or Lyft with rentals, is it worth it in detail? Uber
worldnews How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Will Bring Down Telcos Facebook
photoshopbattles PsBattle: 2016 Honda drug-lord sxt Honda
WritingPrompts WP Verizon responds to the "can you hear me now" guy's betrayal. Verizon
television DirecTV drops ABC and NBC minutes before midnight ABC
Futurology How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Will Bring Down Telcos Facebook
science An Economic Geography of the United States: From Commutes to Megaregions United
gaming Found this amazing gift while cleaning, from the Australian Xbox launch party in 2002 Xbox
gaming This girl actually goes thru aggressively & fast paced. Game's relatively easy on Normal/Hard but most Youtube vids are just going through it without aggression & style which is unfortunate cuz I feel the game's animation & mechanics I feel really make it have a flexible ceiling for stylistic play. Youtube
gaming ESRB, SONY, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple and Google logic. Apple
gaming ESRB, SONY, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apple and Google logic. Google
worldnews Turkey attack survivor: There were bodies on the floor - BBC News BBC
AskReddit Reddit, what is your favourite Google Chrome extension? Google
Showerthoughts Coca-Cola is just Budweiser for children. Budweiser
pics Colorful Woolly Bear Caterpillar OC Caterpillar
worldnews North Korea 'close to testing long-range missiles' - BBC News BBC
AskReddit I recently found out about Family Sharing for Apple Devices, what other companies have a program like this? Apple
food I Ate Apple crumble pie, oreoshake and dutch coffee Apple
funny I came into the room to my pug Tyson sitting like this 😂 I wonder what he was thinking about 🤔 Tyson
pics I am never ordering from Pizza Hut again Pizza Hut
explainlikeimfive ELI5 Why is it okay to make fun of people who are from the southern United States? United
sports Transfer news and rumours: Chelsea want £38m Arturo Vidal, AC Milan target Deulofeu, Manchester United reject bid United
gaming Who Else is going into 2017 with this on your Xbox one. Xbox
pics Car tower! New Volkswagen cars parking... Year 2016 in pictures, CNN Volkswagen
news North Korea 'close to testing long-range missiles' - BBC News BBC
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Spotify and Apple Music pay artists? Apple
tifu TIFU by choosing Verizon as my internet service provider Verizon
worldnews Tight security for New Year’s Eve in Cologne, Germany - BBC News BBC
funny Best Apple Airpods review Apple
Showerthoughts I Always Discover The Good Shows After They Have Already Concluded Discover
AskReddit I do just about as much searching on Youtube as Google. Whereas one verb is called 'Googling' or just 'Google', what would you say would be a good verb for 'Youtube searching' ? Youtube
television Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens United States Championship Match Raw United
AskReddit If you got the chance to buy Apple for one dollar, but you had to destroy the company after a week, would do you do it? Why not? Apple
videos 'Stormy Weather' FANMADE Total Drama Island/Horror Movie Trailer Total
Showerthoughts Even though Chanel West Coast is on ridiculousness because shes cute, I know that everyone hates her because her annoying laugh Chanel
Music George Michael 'wanted to die' - Fadi Fawaz' Twitter reports that he was suicidal Twitter
Showerthoughts Since Google owns Android, Google is the world's largest Clock manufacturer. Google
gaming Real Traffic Mount Akina. Porsche 911 R. Assetto Corsa Porsche
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How do Google and GIS products know the elevation of a certain point? Google
worldnews Protests as McDonald's opens in Vatican McDonald's
DIY Made a Hanging Succulent Shell for my SO's Birthday Shell
AskReddit How do you download all your videos on Youtube in one go? Youtube
worldnews 'Terrorists' freed in Bahrain prison raid - BBC News BBC
news 'Terrorists' freed in Bahrain prison raid - BBC News BBC
news Chelsea's Diego Costa the Latest Chinese Super League Target With Club Set to Offer £80m Target
WritingPrompts EU Instead of a humanoid Clark Kent is an eldritch abomination. However, Ma and Pa Kent still raised him to be a polite young man. Kent
todayilearned TIL that Thomas & Friends was not the first television adaption of the Railway Series - in 1953, the BBC commisioned a live adaption of "The Sad Story of Henry" During broadcast, a failure to switch the points caused the model of Henry to derail and a human hand to reach out and re-attach it. BBC
todayilearned TIL Nike commissioned LCD Soundsystem to make an album for jogging, to reward and push at good intervals of a run. First claiming that the composition had been refined after several runs on the treadmill, LCD later admitted that this was entirely a lie on his part, and that he does not actually jog Nike
worldnews Istanbul nightclub attack: Gunman 'caught on camera' - BBC News BBC
videos Astroneer Gameplay Xbox One Xbox
news 'Russia hacking code' found on Vermont utility computer - BBC News BBC
gaming More Free Xbox One and Xbox 360 Games Now Available Xbox
science Neil deGrasse Tyson says it's 'very likely' the universe is a simulation Tyson
gaming Playstation plus v Xbox one games with gold: Who wins this month? Xbox
gaming Classic PS2 and Xbox game "Psychonauts" down to 69p on steam. 90% Xbox
WritingPrompts WP Heralded by a green frog; the Orange Man cometh and we shall all quake at his coming. Orange
nottheonion Furious mum complains to Tesco after alphabet potato shapes did not spell out son's name Tesco
pics Day 12 - The same picture of Morgan Freeman everyday but everyday I poorly place another freckle with Microsoft Paint Microsoft
food Pro/Chef The Apple pie by Cédric Grolet Apple
worldnews Nightclub attack: Manhunt after dozens killed in Istanbul - BBC News BBC
food Homemade. Apple cinnamon compote and cream cheese crepes with chicken and apple sausage. Apple
Jokes I recently bought Google Fiber Google
gaming Steam Top 100 For 2016, No Man's Sky on top 12 Sky
worldnews Expelled Russian diplomats leave United States United
sports Massive zoomable image if Orange Bowl crowd Orange
food Found The Apple pie by Cédric Grolet Apple
videos I got drunk dialed by a stranger last night and let it go to my Google Voice mailbox. This is that voicemail. GVoice transcription in comments. Google
gaming Me and my girlfriend have completed almost every Lego game to date. Lego
funny "Are you guys even listening?" He said to the passed out couple in McDonald's on New Years. McDonald's
television Drake Bell as Drake Parker Drake & Josh #whereswalter Bell
aww Your Uber has arrived Uber
AskReddit What are some of the best highway exits in the United States? United
gifs Your Uber has arrived Uber
mildlyinteresting My Ford navigation shows buildings in 3D Ford
worldnews MAS*H star William Christopher dies - BBC News BBC
gaming Buying a Xbox One and would like game suggestions Xbox
funny Turnt On New Years Eve - A Southern Tale From Facebook 2016 Facebook
personalfinance Those of you who use Quicken, Microsoft Money, etc Do you "close the book" at the end of the year? Microsoft
worldnews MAS*H star William Christopher dies - BBC News BBC
videos Honest Ads- Red Bull will give you something, but it's not wings Red Bull
worldnews Germany Considers Fining Facebook $522,000 Per Fake News Item Facebook
AskReddit Back in the 80's, what was the most bizarre or random music video that MTV ever played? MTV
AskReddit What are some similar Facebook groups to Post Aesthetics? Facebook
funny Purchase the new 'iLife' at your local Apple store, today! Apple
Showerthoughts There's something really satisfying about being the first person of 2017 to walk into a Taco Bell and blow up the bathroom with liquor shits. Bell
personalfinance Is my Chase Mortgage Broker Lying? Chase
mildlyinteresting My Target sells cheaper bananas. Target
videos How to spot Genuine or Fake Prada Sunglasses Prada
mildlyinteresting My Target has cheaper bananas. Target
funny Found this on the Facebook Marketplace. Facebook
videos Purchase the new iLife at your local Apple Store, today! Apple
worldnews Nightclub attack: Manhunt after dozens killed in Istanbul - BBC News BBC
funny A rather dark Google translation error. Google
videos New Youtube Vlogger lands drone in the most intense and hilarious way Youtube
gaming █▬█ █ ▀█▀ Lego Super Mario Run - Lego Mario Funny Parody █▬█ █ ▀█▀ Lego
gaming Looking for Hoyle Casino style slots game for Android Tablet. Casino
gifs I see your "RC penguin" and I raise you the "Rc Airbus A310"! Airbus
AskReddit Serious Why are interracial couples involving physically attractive white women with men from India nonexistent in the United States? United
gaming Can I use a keyboard and mouse on Xbox one and if so, how do I do it? Xbox
news 'Terrorists' freed in Bahrain prison raid - BBC News BBC
funny I always hate it when Walmart employees leave entire shelves unstocked... Walmart
mildlyinteresting My local Target describes these skates' color as "gender neutral" Target
videos Lego Super Mario Run - Lego Mario Funny Parody Lego
mildlyinteresting My friends knee looks like Kuato from Total Recall after a skiing accident. Total
pics Dakota Access pipeline protest at U.S. Bank Stadium U.S. Bank
sports Tony Romo throws TD pass on first drive in over a year! TD
videos Great Nike Commercial. Nike
worldnews Bambi artist Tyrus Wong dies aged 106 - BBC News BBC
IAmA I used to work in an Apple Store AMA Apple
sports Tony Romo Throws TD Pass On First Drive In Over A Year TD
AskReddit Who Is The 45th President Of The United States? United
AskReddit What is your next go-to search engine if Google were to shut down forever? Google
listentothis Bleach -- Vanilla Sky Electro Rock 2017 Sky
gaming What is the best guitar game for Xbox One? Xbox
OldSchoolCool My dad and his friends sitting in the back of one of their old Honda TN7s when they were attending medical school in Pakistan during the 1980's Honda
todayilearned TIL that at the close of WW II, United States Army Air Forces wanted to use its nuclear bombs on previously undamaged cities in order to have accurate data on nuclear-caused damage. United
videos Roman Reigns vs Kevin Owens United States Championship Match Raw United
gaming Playstation Gold Headset use with Xbox One Xbox
news Seattle's landmark Uber union law set to go into effect as city releases final rules Uber
Jokes IamA former Subway sandwich artist who is being sued for giving a customer the wrong sandwich, AMA! Subway
Music Baby Lexus - BABY GIRL ft. Lord $eez Official Music Video Lexus
gaming Can I place my Xbox One S vertically without the stand? Xbox
personalfinance 2016 Expense Overview: A Google sheet for Mint users. Google
Music Skip James - Hard Time Killin' Floor Blues Mississippi Delta Blues Delta
IAmA I used to work in an Apple Store AMA Apple
personalfinance Question about online Chase authentication Chase
nottheonion Protests as McDonald's opens in Vatican McDonald's
gaming Lego Super Mario Run - Lego Mario Funny Parody Lego
IAmA I used to work for an Apple Premium Reseller AMA Apple
videos The actual cost of McDonald's food McDonald's
funny Didn't make it to your Uber I see Uber
funny My drunk directions were apparently not very clear to my Uber driver. Happy New Year. Uber
todayilearned TIL: Alabama football coach is the highest paid public employee in the United States. United
AskReddit How were they able to use the BP and Transocean logos in the Deepwater Horizon film without being sued by either company? BP
funny Remember using Yahoo Answers? Yahoo
mildlyinteresting The shadow cast by my bathroom window looks like the Microsoft Windows logo. Microsoft
Jokes The House With The Fluorescent Orange Door Orange
Futurology Algorithms: AI’s creepy control must be open to inspection - The accountability of artificial intelligence systems, from Facebook to healthcare, is shaping up to be a hot topic in 2017 Facebook
Showerthoughts Why does the sprint guy that use to work for Verizon saying" can you hear me now " , think I give a fuck about his opinion? He be be like " I use to be with Verizon..." I don't give a fuck about your opinion bitch . Stfu Verizon
funny Where Mike Tyson does all of his used clothes shopping Tyson
aww Taco Bell dog 2.0 Bell
AskReddit Which Youtube Video was your Favourite ? Youtube
pics Brad Pitt - University of Missouri - Kappa Delta - 1984 Delta
gaming How to play Battlefield 1 on Google Pixel! Google
todayilearned TIL Albert Kohte, The original caretaker of the Hollywood sign, destroyed the "H" in the early 1940's by losing control of his Ford Model A on top of Mt Lee and driving it off of a cliff into the "H". He was intoxicated. Ford
AskReddit Why is the Youtube Comment Section such a Toxic Place? Youtube
funny An edgy 7-Eleven knock-off. 7-Eleven
funny Belfast chip shop goes viral after delivery order for cold and flu tablets - BBC News BBC
funny Anyone else triggered by this Walmart Nirvana shirt? Walmart
Music Baby Lexus - BABY GIRL ft. Lord $eez Official Music Video Lexus
videos Adding a Google Calendar to a Google Site New Videos 2016 No2 Google
todayilearned TIL That Walmart Has a Higher Search Rank Than a Venus Flytrap Walmart
worldnews Drunk pilot arrested in Canadian cockpit before take-off - BBC News BBC
gaming Trying to pick a good co-op game for PS4 or Xbox one Xbox
videos Drake Bell - #whereswalter HELP! Bell
mildlyinteresting My Nike Hoodie with a paint splat design has a splat of paint that looks like the Nike logo Nike
AskReddit Cameramen of MTV True Life and the likes, what are some crazy stories? MTV
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How does Google search the internet faster than Windows searches my hard drives? Google
todayilearned TIL There was a Species of Parakeet Native to the United States United
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