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Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Oct. 1, 2001

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-1-2001 1-8-2001 1-15-2001 1-22-2001
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9-10-2001 9-17-2001 9-25-2001
  • The wrestling industry in the United States is in uncharted waters right now and Dave is starting this issue by examining the overall situation. Part of it is due to outside factors. The mood of the country is still shaken by the events of 9/11 and the effects of the attack on the economy are still uncertain. WWF is the only major pro wrestling company and its closest competitor is UFC, which isn't even wrestling. Dave says it's been a horrible year for the business, with WCW and ECW folding. Wrestling magazines closing up shop. The Invasion angle was totally botched. By every metric, business is declining. It's a terrible time to start a new company in the U.S. because getting a major league product off the ground is a just too expensive. Dave thinks the WWA idea in Australia might be the best option right now. Build some buzz over there where the market is easier and then try to strike a deal to air it in the U.S. But the biggest problem with WWA is, well, Vince Russo is the guy in charge. Dave says that Russo's idea of wrestling was a massive failure in WCW and the problem is that he didn't learn from it, and to this day continues to blame his WCW failures on outside forces (18 years later, that hasn't changed). Dave expects WWF to feel the crunch of business declining and suspects that many of the low-paid developmental wrestlers under contracts should probably start being concerned for their jobs.
  • WWF and DirecTV struck a temporary deal to air the Unforgiven PPV. If you recall, they have been negotiating a new deal and it wasn't going well. But the two sides agreed to air Unforgiven under the terms of the old deal while they continue to negotiate a new one. Not airing the show would have cost both sides around $1 million each in lost profits, so needless to say, they both want to settle this. So for now, negotiations continue...
  • The unpredictable concerns over the economy in the wake of 9/11 are already becoming noticeable. Merch sales for WWF were down significantly since the attacks. House shows this week did okay but most of those tickets were bought when they first went on sale weeks and months ago, prior to the attack. The next round of house shows go on sale this week and seeing how those sell will be the real test. One WWF house show in Fairfax, VA was already cancelled this week due to low advance sales. WWF is also scheduled to return to Madison Square Garden in 2 weeks. Tickets for that show went on sale before 9/11 and were already weak and needless to say, they aren't picking up any steam now. Rock is working that show (one of the few house shows he's doing) and it seems that since returning from filming Scorpion King, even the Rock doesn't have the same drawing power he had beforehand. That being said, WWF has lots of revenue streams, lots of cash reserves, lots of stock they can sell, and they pay their wrestlers far less than any other sport. So WWF is uniquely positioned to weather this storm and probably still be okay.
  • For UFC, on the other hand, 9/11 couldn't have happened at a worse time. UFC's parent company Zuffa is based out of Las Vegas and the attacks have hit the Vegas casino business hard, with cancelled trips, people spending less money, etc. Nobody wants to get on a plane these days, much less just to fly to Vegas and throw away money in an uncertain economy. Zuffa owner Lorenzo Fertitta, who operates casinos in Vegas, also owns an investment company whose major offices were in the World Trade Center. Financially, Fertitta is getting hit on all sides right now, right as he's trying to get the revived UFC off the ground.
  • Oh yeah, speaking of WWF Unforgiven, that show is in the books and was highlighted by Kurt Angle winning the WWF title from Steve Austin in his hometown by making Austin tap out clean. The crowd was kinda flat for most of the show, despite a lot of good matches. From a long-term booking standpoint, Angle winning the title doesn't make a ton of sense, because there's a lot of mileage in Austin as champion, but it seemed as though the decision was made to give the crowd a feel-good ending considering the last few weeks the country has had (Bruce Prichard later admitted that, yeah, having Angle win the title here was purely a short-term "give the American audience something patriotic" decision). There were also a bunch of minor injuries during the show with Perry Saturn, Edge, Jericho, and Austin all got busted up lips or eyes.
  • The biggest story coming out of the show was the UndertakeKane vs. Kronik match which was so bad that it resulted in Kronik leaving the company after only debuting 3 weeks ago. Dave says it was the worst WWF PPV match of the year. No word on why Kronik left yet (some say they quit after the match and others say they were fired) but they have already reached out to Russo about working the WWA tour in Australia. The big story going around is that Jim Ross told them they would be sent to OVW or HWA for more training and in protest, they quit but Dave hasn't been able to verify that. If it's true, Dave suspects WWF was hoping they would quit because those 2 guys have lots of experience (both have worked for WWF in the past) so Dave feels like this might have been a way to push them into quitting. Considering they're not great workers anyway and they were notorious troublemakers in WCW, Dave doesn't understand why they were even hired in the first place, aside from the fact that Brian Adams and Undertaker are friends and it was basically a favor for Taker. (Dave clarifies a bit of this in later issues, not all of that is entirely correct).
  • Other notes from the PPV: Dave points out that Raven is in the best shape he's been in years. The first Edge vs. Christian match, which needed to be a star-making performance for both guys as they branch off as singles stars, was good but the lack of crowd reaction hurt it a lot. The aforementioned Kronik match gets negative-2 stars. RVD was one of the few guys to get a reaction, as the crowd was nuclear for him. This is the match where Jericho got his eye busted from a kick and needed stitches and Dave says RVD is getting a reputation for this sort of thing, which isn't good. And Angle's family celebrated with him in the ring after he won the title and they played it up as if he finally achieved his life-long dream, conveniently forgetting that Angle's already won the title once before. Lots of 3 and 4 star matches here, but the crowd really hurt the show overall.
  • UFC 33 is happening before you read this but after press time, so Dave hasn't seen it yet. And I wouldn't normally cover this but this show is legendarily bad, so here we go. Things were looking good at first. The show sold out weeks in advance, setting a record live gate and attendance for the company and UFC did a hell of a job promoting the main event for months beforehand. But then 9/11 happened and the economic woes of that are expected to take a toll on the buyrate. Then, due to 9/11, the high-profile Felix Trinidad vs. Bernard Hopkins boxing match got moved to within 24 hours of the UFC PPV, which is also expected to cause a major hit to UFC's PPV numbers. Then 10 days before the show, Vitor Belfort had to pull out of the show due to an arm injury in training, completely derailing the main event they spent months building. Vitor somehow fell through a glass window during training and suffered a horrible cut that required 40 stitches and partially severed his tricep. When he couldn't go, UFC scrambled to find a new, big name opponent for Tito Ortiz. First, they reached out to Ken Shamrock and offered him $180,000 to take the fight on a week's notice. Shamrock countered, asking for $500,000 and that pretty much ended those negotiations. So then Frank Shamrock was offered $150,000 but also turned it down, not wanting to risk his 4+ year unbeaten streak by taking a fight on such short notice with no time to train and prepare. It eventually went to Russian fighter Vladimir Matyushenko. Many insiders are predicting Matyushenko will win because he's a better wrestler and punches harder. Dave gives credit to Ortiz for also taking this fight without having time to prepare for it and thinks it's a hell of a risk for Ortiz. So we'll see.
  • Antonio Inoki and the promoters from PRIDE and K-1 held a joint press conference in Japan to announce another Inoki New Year's Eve show taking place on 12/31. It will be a joint show with PRIDE fighters, K-1 fighters, and pro wrestlers. The hook for the show is that there's expected to be a lot of Inoki's guys (all of whom fight for PRIDE) going against K-1 fighters, so basically inter-promotional MMA with a wrestling twist.
  • The idea of Universal getting into the wrestling biz is back on the table and it looks to be a go starting in November. Hulk Hogan had been in talks with Universal off and on for most of this year about starting a new promotion but as of press time, word is Hogan is not involved in this. Hogan is said to be more interested in returning to WWF than he is running his own promotion but until his lawsuit with Time Warner (over the whole Vince Russo/Bash 2000 incident) is settled, he probably won't be doing anything. Hogan is trying to argue in the lawsuit that the incident damaged his career, and it's going to be hard to prove that if he goes back to WWF and has a big money-making run there. Plus he's still recovering from a recent knee surgery. Jimmy Hart has continued negotiating with Universal and it appears he and Nasty Boy Brian Knobs will be running this new promotion, with Kevin Sullivan helping with booking. A 2-hour pilot is scheduled for filming in November and several former WCW stars and other unsigned names (mostly old 80s stars) have been contacted about coming in. They're also looking at some younger indie names and seem especially interested in former ECW star Super Crazy. Dave expects this to be run like an old Memphis-style studio territory show and figures Jerry Lawler will probably be involved too unless he re-signs with WWF before then. Anyway, Dave doesn't seem to have high hopes for this succeeding (indeed, it does not).
  • And now we have an article from Ben Miller. Dave drops an editor's note and says to welcome Ben Miller as a columnist for the Observer and expects him to have a column in here once a month or so. It's fine I guess, but it's really just an opinion piece by some guy who isn't Dave. But to his credit, it's a well-written column that makes some good points about what WWF needs to do to improve and make the Invasion angle and upcoming brand split work. But it just feels out of place here in the Observer. I believe Miller later become a columnist on the website and was involved for years after this.
  • In Puerto Rico, former WWF wrestler Tiger Ali Singh now wrestles for IWA and since 9/11, he has become the biggest heel in the promotion, with the fans chanting "terrorist!" at him (just in case you're wondering, Singh is from India and is not Muslim).
  • Remember the MMA fighter Brian Johnston who suffered a major stroke backstage at the last PRIDE show? Good news! It was originally thought he would be paralyzed from it and confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but in the last few weeks, he's made a miraculous recovery, regaining a good deal of movement on his right side and is even able to stand with assistance. He still can't talk but he has total recognition of people who visit him. Doctors are optimistic that he will make a full recovery and should be able to walk again, although it would take an even bigger miracle for him to ever compete in MMA or wrestling again. (Here's an article about him from 2013. Long story short, he mostly recovered. He still suffers symptoms and doesn't have full motor control, but he recovered well enough to pretty much live a full life. But no, he never fought again).
READ: Brian Johnston: Where Is He Now?
  • Antonio Inoki finally made it back to Japan after being stranded in the U.S. after 9/11. As soon as he got back, he spoke with the media and criticized NJPW for the main event of their upcoming Tokyo Dome show, saying nobody wanted to see it and bashing them for not booking Fujita vs. Ogawa instead. Dave thinks this is some peak-WCW shit. The most popular icon in company history rips into his own company right before a big show, saying their main event sucks and nobody wants to see it. That's gonna do wonders for ticket sales. At least in WCW, the owners of the company weren't criticizing it publicly. While we're on the subject, Dave reviews the most recent NJPW TV show and says it's WCW-in-its-last-year levels of bad. Three different matches get negative star ratings. ("dAvE iS bIAsEd fOR neW jaPAn!")
  • Bushwhacker Butch was hospitalized this week with a staph infection. He had complained of a neck injury and then passed out and was rushed to the hospital and diagnosed with staph and pneumonia. As of press time, he's still hospitalized and breathing through tubes (yeah he ended up getting sepsis and nearly dying).
  • In regards to the WWA tour in Australia, Vince Russo is reportedly pushing to have toplessness or maybe even full-frontal nudity for a women's bra & panties-type of match on the PPV they're filming. One of the women is former ECW/WCW valet Kimona/Leah Meow (so yeah, this match happened, but she wasn't in it. It was 3 women and a guy in drag, all nameless people who never went anywhere in the business. It was called a Skin To Win match. Two of the women (Penthouse Pets brought in to "wrestle" end up getting their tops taken off but they were wearing pasties because I assume they were forced to. When this PPV aired in the U.S., the match was edited off. Russo's brilliant billion dollar idea that would have revolutionized the industry, foiled by the censors again!).
  • Dave has been hearing rave reviews about a 4-way indie match featuring American Dragon, Low Ki, Christopher Daniels and Scoot Andrews, with many who saw it calling it the independent match of the year. Dave hasn't seen it yet but expects to have a tape in a week or two and will report back.
WATCH: American Dragon vs. Low Ki vs. Christopher Daniels vs. Scoot Andrews - 2001
  • The New York Times did an interview with Linda McMahon for a story about how WWF is handling the current real-world situation in the wake of 9/11. The story hasn't ran yet but it's expected to reference WWF's exploitation of the Gulf War in 1991. In the interview, Linda mentioned that the name 'Raw Is War' is going to be changed to simply 'Raw' and that the December PPV Armageddon will be renamed (it becomes Vengeance). She also admitted that the events of 9/11 did play a part in Kurt Angle winning the WWF title this past week (I completely forgot Linda admitted it here).
  • Notes from Raw: Dave says it was a strange show. For starters, the night before at the PPV, they talked about having a big birthday celebration for Stephanie on Raw the next night. But that didn't happen. Stephanie's birthday was acknowledged, but there was no big party or angle about it. They also spent the entire episode teasing what would happen when Austin showed up but the entire show aired and....he never arrived. Dave again points out that hyping something for 2 hours and then simply not delivering is some WCW shit (it's also some 2019 WWE shit). There were several little things like that throughout the show also. Dave thinks back to 18 months ago when WCW used to do dumb shit every episode and he would always write, "WWF would never do this," and here we are 18 months later and it's happening all the time. Shane McMahon announced a match with Kurt Angle defending the WWF title against Booker T, leading Dave to wonder how in the hell Shane, as part of the Alliance, has the authority to make WWF title matches. DDP is now doing a self-help gimmick (who'da ever guessed?). RVD has been getting over huge as a face lately, so of course they put him in a match with Rock (the most popular guy in the company) and had him lose clean, which accomplished nothing other than killing RVD's momentum.
  • Sean O'Haire got into a fight in the crowd at an indie MMA show last week and was actually choked out by another fighter before the police broke it up. The guy who choked him out was also a lot smaller than him, but he also came up behind O'Haire to do it. But size doesn't matter and Dave says when a trained fighter gets the jump on you from behind and puts you in a choke, you're probably going to sleep no matter how big you are. That being said, O'Haire is lucky he doesn't work for Bill Watts because losing a real fight (to someone smaller than you no less) as a pro wrestler would get you fired back in Watts' day. O'Haire and the other guy were arrested after O'Haire was awakened from his slumber.
  • Eddie Guerrero is expected to leave rehab soon. During his time in treatment, Guerrero has been living with Tom Prichard, who has also been battling some addiction issues. Guerrero is still being paid his downside guarantee and is expected to be brought back to TV when he's done with rehab. Dave talks about how some guys don't succeed in rehab but then points out how William Regal is seen as the best case scenario. Regal had a nasty drug habit and was on the verge of washing out of the business and being deported, but he cleaned himself up and is now back on WWF TV in a prominent role and doing great. Dave hopes the same for Guerrero. When he's out, he'll probably spend some time in OVW first before returning to WWF.
  • Jim Ross answered a bunch of media questions on some conference thing last week. It was mostly a discussion about the future plans for WCW and since there isn't any definite plan yet, he had to be vague. Praised Booker T, RVD, and Kanyon for being 3 of the WCW guys to adapt well to WWF. Others praised Hurricane for the same but Ross was kinda dismissive of him, seeming not to agree. Noted that Jazz from ECW has signed and will be working with Sharmell Sullivan in OVW. Speaking of Sharmell, she was pretty much only signed as a favor to Booker T. He also praised Rey Mysterio and Juventud Guerrera but basically said there's no place for them in WWF right now. Ross was asked about Ken Shamrock and praised him but said Shamrock has a lot of MMA stuff he wants to do and only wants to wrestle in WWF part-time. But they want him full-time, which is why he hasn't been brought back at all. In regards to Rock's blooming Hollywood career, Ross shrugged it off and basically said Rock is under contract to be a wrestler full-time and that's what he loves to do. Ross predicted that Rock may take off once a year to film a movie but that the WWF is his priority. Time will tell on that. If his movie career takes off, Dave doesn't see Rock sticking around.
  • Various WWF notes: the list of wrestlers who are hurt right now in WWF is absurd. Dave says it would be easier to list who's not hurt. Anyway, Dave lists everyone who's hurt, their injuries, their surgeries, when they're expected back, etc. There's going to be a WWF-themed episode of NBC's The Weakest Link show featuring WWF stars taping this week. Mick Foley is appearing on Celebrity Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. Shane McMahon was on the Opie & Anthony Show and was asked about Stephanie's breast implants, which led Shane to respond that "they are 2 good reasons to tune into Smackdown this week." Dave thinks that's kinda weird. Sara Undertaker has dyed her hair brown and is training to wrestle.
  • WWF is meeting with former WCW wrestler The Wall next month. He was originally going to be signed and brought in when they bought WCW, but then they learned he had a pretty nasty drug problem so they passed on him. Dave kinda doubts they'll hire him. He's big, but he's also not very good and already in his 30s with a drug strike against him. They might sign him and send him to developmental but they already have a ton of guys wasting away down there already.
  • If you've been noticing all the references to Ric Flair on WWF TV lately, it's not an accident. There has been a lot of consideration recently of buying out the remainder of his Time Warner contract. The reality is WWF has completely failed to create any new stars out of the WCW names they signed and if they are serious about running WCW as its own brand next year, they need big names. The other names discussed were Sting and Goldberg, but they both have a lot higher contracts with more time left on them and economically, it just doesn't make sense to WWF right now to bring them in. That being said, Dave kinda questions how valuable Ric Flair could be in WWF these days. WWF has a younger audience than WCW did and Flair isn't getting any younger. He can talk his ass off but as far as working matches, Dave doesn't seem to see much value in Flair as an in-ring guy beyond a few nostalgia matches with big name WWF stars. All in all, Dave feels like bringing in these big name WCW stars would have worked much better if they did it at the beginning of the angle months ago. Although in the end, it doesn't matter who they had. The way it was booked, with WWF just rolling over WCW like they were nothing and nobody wanting to sell for or put over the WCW stars, it would have still failed no matter who they had.
  • The latest on Triple H is that he isn't expected to make it back by Survivor Series as originally hoped. Now it's looking more like December (not quite).
FRIDAY: First season of Tough Enough comes to an end, WWF ordered to pay the World Wildlife Fund's legal bills, details on new XWF promotion, more on Kronik, NJPW ticket sales, and more...

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New Music Friday: October 28th, 2016

New Music Friday is a new weekly thread dedicated to chronicling all the Album/EP releases coming out this week. This is also a great place to discuss these albums, or bring to our attention other albums released this week. Please check the comments for more releases, users do a great job of finding deep cuts that get little to no press attention.
Last Week’s Releases
The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Third World Pyramid
Label: a
Genre: Neo-Psychedelia, Psychedelic Rock
Toy - Clear Shot
Label: Heavenly
Genre: Neo-Psychedelia, Indie Rock
Soft Hair (Connan Mockasin & LA Priest) - Soft Hair
Label: Domino
Genre: Hypnagogic Pop, Psychedelic Pop
CRX (Nick Valensi side project) - New Skin
Label: Columbia
Genre: Power Pop, Alternative Rock
Lou Barlow (Sebadoh) - Apocalypse Fetish EP
Label: Joyful Noise
Genre: Indie Folk, Lo-Fi Indie
Empire of The Sun - Two Vines
Label: Astralwerks
Genre: Electropop
Ricky Eat Acid - Talk To You Soon
Label: Terrible
Genre: Plunderphonics, Electronic
Marching Church (Iceage side project) - Telling It Like It Is
Label: Sacred Bones
Genre: Post-Punk, SingeSongwriter
Daedelus - Labyrinths
Label: Magical Properties
Genre: Glitch Hop, Folktronica
Meek Mill - DC4
Label: MMG
Genre: East Coast Hip Hop, Trap Rap
Ulcerate - Shrines of Paralysis
Label: Relapse
Genre: Technical Death Metal, Atmospheric Sludge Metal
The Hidden Cameras - Home on Native Land
Label: Outside
Genre: Indie Pop
Steve Hauschildt - Strands
Label: Kranky
Genre: Progressive Electronic
GFOTY - Call Him a Docter EP
Label: PC Music
Genre: Electropop, Bubblegum Bass
Tony Molina - Confront the Truth EP
Label: Slumberland
Genre: LoFi Indie, Power Pop
Tove Lo - Lady Wood
Label: Island, Universal
Genre: Electro Pop, Dance Pop
Madness - Can't Touch Us Now
Label: Lucky 7, UMC
Genre: Ska, 2-Tone
Saba - Bucket List Project
Label: Self Released
Genre: Abstract Hip Hop, Pop Rap
DJ Shadow - Endtroducing... (20th Anniversary Endtrospective Edition)
Includes demos and remixes from Clams Casino, Hudson Mohawke, Teklife and more
Label: Island
Genre: Plunderphonics, Instrumental Hip Hop
Honeyblood - Babes Never Die
Label: FatCat
Genre: Indie Pop, Noise Pop
Jeezy - Trap Or Die 3
Label: Def Jam
Genre: Trap Rap, Gangsta Rap
Daniel Woolhouse (fka Deptford Goth) - What's That Sound
Label: 37 Adventures
Genre: Art Pop, Alternative R&B
The Pop Group - Honeymoon On Mars
Label: Freaks R Us
Genre: Experimental Rock, No Wave
She & Him - Christmas Party
Label: Columbia
Genre: Christmas Music, Folk Pop
Kacey Musgraves - A Very Kacey Christmas
Label: Mercury Nashville
Genre: Christmas Music, Country Pop
2 Chainz - Hibachi for Lunch Mixtape/EP
Label: Def Jam
Genre: Trap Rap, Southern Hip Hop
Michael Mayer - &
Label: !K7
Genre: Microhouse, Minimal Techno
Alejandro Escovedo - Burn Something Beautiful
Label: Concord
Genre: Alt-Country, Roots Rock
Wiley - Godfather
Label: Self Released
Genre: Grime, UK Hip Hop
Sam Roberts Band - TerraForm
Label: Paper Bag, Universal
Genre: Pop Rock
Riff Raff - Balloween Mixtape
Label: Neon Nation
Genre: Trap Rap, Horrorcore
Soulja Boy & Bow Wow - Ignorant Shit Mixtape
Label: Stacks On Deck
Genre: Conscious Hip Hop
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It's Time: The Feature Length SoundPack V1.5 is here!

Hello everyone! This is MikePhones, formerly known as Book, and founder of the Feature Length SoundPack. I have come here to deliver to all of you the wondrous new update to the Feature Length SoundPack, renowned the world over for its extreme quality and style! And better yet, since PM isn't dying right as I type this, I can finally give to you a proper post, complete with reasoning and personal favorite picks. So come! Behold the wonders of the world's greatest SoundPack!

Track List


X04 - Battlefield - Silver Will (Arrange) [Sora no Kiseki]
T02 - Menu (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - Conflict's Chime(Long Version) [Bravely Default]
X25 - Battlefield Ver. 2 - Scars of Time [Chrono Cross]
W21 - Battlefield (Melee) - Kaine (Escape) [NieR]
W23 - Multi-Man Melee 1 (Melee) - Map F[Fire Emblem Fates]
So when choosing the songs for this pack over the last few years, I matched songs to stages based on colors and feel. Battlefield(Brawl) was always one of the best stages to choose for, because of the myriad of colors that he background would become over the course of matches. Combining this with the perfectly neutral grays of the stage itself, it left itself open to any sort of song, although it seemed to lend itself more to the melodic than the bass-centric, due to the lighter colors in the sky(although that has long been my policy on preferred songs in the first place. Fun fact, this was originally going to be called, way back in the day, semisonic's hack pack for the melodically inclined!) There is a tendency for my songs here to evolve as they go on, to better match the sky's changes. It should be noted, that though the songs were picked for Brawl's Battlefield, the Melee is still perfectly good with it. It's just not the focus.
MP's Pick - I'd have to go Conflict's Chime on this one. It's a long song, as all of them are in this SoundPack, but it only picks up, and even shifts tone as it goes on, so getting to the end always feels like more of a reward than anything else.


N01 - Title(Animal Crossing) - Arashi no Saxophone 5 (Theme of Yagami Team) [King of Fighters XIII]
N02 - Go K.K. Rider! - Theme of Laura [Silent Hill 2]
N03 - 2:00 a.m. - Zero [Ace Combat Zero: The Belkan War]
N06 - Town Hall and Tom Nook's Store - The Road to Tomorrow Follows Behind You [Wild Arms V]
N05 - The Roost - Sophisticated Fight(Remix) [Sora no Kiseki Zanmai]
Smashville is always an interesting stage to choose for. It's browns and almost oranges make for an interesting base to work with, allowing for everything from jazz to flamenco, and the fact that it changes appearance during different times of the day means that I can have more variation in what I do. For example, Theme of Laura is a song meant only for the night version, that could normally never cut it as fight music (it's just too laid back). But thanks to the night stage and it's cool blues, I could fit it in just fine. The only problem I have is the Saturday nights, which I don't have anything set for. Each song, being Feature LengthTM, takes up a ton of space, and I just couldn't justify that for 1/21st of the week.
MP's Pick - Oooh, this is a tough one. I'd say it's either with Sophisticated Fight, for consistent quality, or Zero, for the build up. I wasn't even aware a song could ramp up that hard until my friend actually complained that, 5 minutes into a match, it was putting too much pressure on him with the intensity. Actually, I'll have to give it to Zero then, for making last stock neutral even scarier than it already is!

Pokemon Stadium 2

H01 - Pokemon Main Theme - vs. Final Boss (Bittercold Last Battle) [Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity]
H03 - Road to Viridian City (From Pallet Town/Pewter City) - Each Promise (Theme of Elizabeth Team) [King of Fighers XIII]
H02 - Pokemon Center - La Mer [Suikoden IV]
H04 - Pokemon Gym/Evolution - Weak Executioner II [Blazblue: ChronoPhantasma]
H05 - Wild Pokemon Battle! (Ruby / Saphire) - NGAHHH!!/Spear of Justice [Undertale]
Pokemon Stadium was always an easy pick. It's blue. It's pretty much -just- blue. So pick some blue shit. I mean sure, you've gotta make it battle-like enough that it matches the generally sharper geometry, but it's not a trial like some stages are. I'm looking at you, Delfino's Secret! There really isn't much more to say.
MP's Pick - Finally, a clear cut choice. It's La Mer! Easy, right? La Mer was originally the first BRSTM I ever made, because I couldn't believe no one had done it before, and I always considered it perhaps my best decision. Originally on Delfino Plaza, before Secret came around, it literally means "the sea," and accordingly, any blue stage'll do it just fine. Just trust me on this.

Green Hill Zone

U01 - Green Hill Zone - Metal Harbor [Sonic Adventure 2: Battle]
U04 - Angel Island Zone - May's Theme(Starry Story) [Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN-]
U02 - Scrap Brain Zone - Combat Night (ATS Version) - For Parhelion Peak Act 1 [Sonic: After The Sequel]
U03 - Emerald Hill Zone - Espresso With Bayonetta - For Cyan City Act 3 [Sonic: After the Sequel]
U06 - Sonic Boom - Blue Water Blue Sky [Guilty Gear XX]
U07 - Super Sonic Racing - Wave Ocean - The Inlet [Sonic 2006]
U08 - Open Your Heart - Rooftop Run [Sonic Unleashed]
U10 - Sonic Heroes - Like a Dragon [Persona 4 Arena]
U11 - Right There, Ride On - Escape From the City [Sonic Adventure 2: Battle]
U12 - HIS WORLD (Instrumental) - Aquarium Park Act 1 [Sonic Colors]
U13 - Seven Rings in Hand - Green Forest [Sonic Adventure 2: Battle]
Oh Green Hill Zone. The most Sonic of all stages, and boy does it feel it. This was a stage where matching the color and feel meant that a lot of sonic music got in, just because they already were designed for it. Expect a lot of upbeat guitars, some upbeat synths, upbeat everything, really. This was a fun stage to work with, using those bright greens and browns, and I tried to match the simplicity of the design as well as I could. This is one of the biggest stages for song selection in the game, and I was able to fill all but one slot, due to space limitations. That's just the tradeoff for all those victory themes, I guess.
MP's Pick - Oh god why is this so hard. There are pretty much too many songs for me to even try this, so I'm going to pick either Starry Story or Escape from the City. The latter, because it should be in everyone's pack, and the former because I just feel it really suits the stage, in addition to being a kickass song. But then Aquarium Park, and... Fuck it, this is too hard. I'm out.

Delfino Plaza

A13 - Delfino Plaza - Final Boss (Phase 2)[Splatoon]
A07 - Title / Ending (Super Mario World) - Katamaritaino (Roll Me In) [Katamari Damacy]
A08 - Main Theme (New Super Mario Bros) - Death by Glamour [Undertale]
A14 - Ricco Harbor - A Crimson Rose and a Gin Tonic (YMCK 8bit Mix) [Katamari Forever]
A15 - Main Theme (Super Mario 64) - Everlasting Love [Katamari Damacy Remix]
Delfino's. Goddamn. Secret. Visually, it's a great stage. I actually like it quite a bit. But apparently, they couldn't decide what colors to use with it. So they picked ALL OF THEM. This stage has given me so many headaches, as it really throws off the synestesia formula I've worked so hard to build. So instead of thinking, what would go well with the primary colors of this stage, I had to think, what game has enough colors that it's music could handle this chaos? And so we arrived at the Katamari. Initially, 4 out of the 5 songs here were Katamari vocal tunes, but in the interest of tournament play and not getting weird looks from my friends, I tuned that down to 2.
MP's Pick - Katamaritaino. It was the first song I thought would suit the stage, and it was the first one I had to make for it. That goddamn thing took 2 hours to loop well, but I feel it was still worth it in the end. It's got that cool, casual feel that works on Plaza and Secret alike, and it's a full 4 minutes long. Nothing to complain about here.

Bowser's Castle

A21 - Luigi Circuit - So Long-eh Bowser! [Portrait of a Plumber]
A22 - Waluigi Pinball - The Wretched Automatons [NieR]
A23 - Rainbow Road - Anti-Soul Mysteries Lab [Castlevania: Lament of Innocence]
R05 - Mario Tennis/Mario Golf - Cross Thought (Gordeau vs Chaos) [Under Night In-Birth]
Bowser's Castle is an odd stage for me. It largely fills the role, at least color-wise, that Norfair already filled. But due to it's darker, less electronic, and more gothic feel, I could put a couple of the old Drac's Cass songs on here without them seeming out of place. So it's got a few slow burn songs, like the Wretched Automatons and So Long-eh Bowser(another pain to loop, by the way), a hype up song in Cross Thought, and Gothic Disco in Anti-Soul. It also used to have the awesome Roar of the Departed Souls, but it had too long an awkward buildup for it to really be viable, and it was excessively difficult to remove, so I had no choice but to take it out.
MP's Pick - I'm going to have to give it this time to So Long-eh Bowser. It's a wonderful song, very intimidating, and it lacks the enormous buildup required for the Wretched Automatons. Plus, it's the only one here that's thematically relevant, so I guess I gotta give it that.

Fountain of Dreams

A17 - Fountain of Dreams (Melee) - Archer of Destiny [Phantasy Star Online 2]
Q02 - Gyromite - Love You Love You Love [Mighty Switch Force]
Q01 - Famicom Medley - Maze of Life [Persona Q]
Q13 - Power-Up Music - Like a Dragon (Girl Pop Mix) [Persona 4 Arena Ultimax]
Q14 - Douchuumen (Nazo no Murasamejo) - Fly Me to the Moon(Climax Mix) [Bayonetta]
Fountain of Dreams may be my favorite stage to work with in this game. It's reflective blues and purples, with the cool yellows in the background, lend themselves very well to smooth, melodic electronic music. Synths feel at home here, as does smooth jazz, and it can blend laid back songs and high intensity songs effortlessly. I always feel it's a waste when people just stick some drum and bass kirby here, when there's so much more that can be done! But I digress. The point is it's a great stage. Go play it.
MP's Pick - There's so many songs right at home here. Love You Love You Love, Fly Me to the Moon, even Archer of Destiny! I honestly can't choose, so instead I'll just recommend random. Whatever comes up is the best.

Wario Land

M01 - WarioWare, Inc. - Look Pimpin [Mad World]
M02 - WarioWare, Inc. Medley - Guns and Roses [Baccano]
M08 - Ashley's Song - Kuma Kuma Circus! [Persona 4 Arena]
M07 - Ashley's Song (JP) - Scourge Sisters [Homestuck]
M06 - Mike's Song - Baccano no Theme! [Baccano]
M05 - Mike's Song (JP) - Who Is Queen (Theme of Female Fighters Team) [King of Fighters XIII]
M04 - Mona Pizza's Song - Dummy! [Undertale]
M03 - Mona Pizza's Song(JP) - Title Theme [Wan Nyan Slash]
Wario Ware, now Wario Land, is a bit of a strange beast. It used to be good for jazz, brass, hip hop, and chiptune. Then they redid it, as Wario Land! And it changed... Nothing. Every single thing that used to work for the other stage still works for this. It always seemed to have a bit of attitude that other stages didn't, leading to Look Pimpin' and other songs I wouldn't really risk putting on other stages. The red and gold remains as versatile as the blue and purple from the old stage were, and the fact that the old stage remains available as a party stage means the old things ain't going anywhere.
MP's Pick - I suppose I'll have to go Guns and Roses on this one. It's got that classic big band feel that suits the stage oh so well, it's got the length, the solos, and the evolution needed for a top song in this pack. Just beautiful.

Final Destination

X05 - Final Destination - Aqua's Song - Brave Version [Fire Emblem Fates]
T01 - Credits (Super Smash Bros.) - Beyond The Bounds [Zone of the Enders 2]
T03 - Opening (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - "IDOLA" The Strange Fruits [Phantasy Star Online Episode III]
W25 - Final Destination (Melee) - Shudder [Einhander]
W31 - Giga Bowser (Melee) - Song of the Ancients (Fate) [NieR]
Final Destination is another really fun stage to work with. Musically, it's bright neon purple and gray contrast make it a harsher fountain of dreams. It lends itself wonderfully to harsher electronic songs than perhaps any other stage, such as Shudder, and Beyond the Bounds(which I never thought I'd get to put in any stage), and it's evolving background supports evolving songs, as well as clear vocals as in Aqua's Song, Shudder, Song of the Ancients, and Beyond the Bounds again. That doesn't mean it isn't good for other genres as well. Serpent Eating the World is a wonderful, common pick here, that was in my own pack for almost 2 years until I got tired of it.
MP's Pick - It's a close one, but I'm going to have to go with Song of the Ancients here. Its heavy percussion mixed with softer supporting violins lends a sense of scale to battles here, as the singers provide much needed melodic overtones. Perfection.

Yoshi's Island

E02/E27 - Obstacle Course - Bollywood/Another Winter [Scott Pilgrim vs. The World]
E01 - Ending (Yoshi's Story) - The Won-Stoppable Wonderful 100 (English Version) [The Wonderful 101]
E03 - Yoshi's Island - Katamari on the Rocks [Katamari Damacy]
E05 - Flower Field - Mount Wario [Mario Kart 8]
E06 - Wildlands - Loveable Yandere [No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle]
Yoshi's Island is an interesting stage to work on, and a terrible one to play. Generally, it works well with lighter and fluffier stuff, not quite as guitar based as GHZ, but maybe some brass, maybe some acoustic. Maybe some katamari, even. The changing seasons certainly seem to pose a problem, but in reality, they don't change the feel of the stage much at all. The worst they do is mess with the first song(or 2, as it stands) in the list, which can only pretty much play their first minute or so before they get cut off each time. The cyclical nature of the season rotation (starting with a random season each time) makes it difficult for songs to evolve in time, as FD and Battlefield do. Therefore, it is important to pick songs that work with any color scheme at any time, so long as it remains pastel. These factors limit the stage's appeal, as well, resulting in a weaker tracklist overall than some other legal stages. The highlights, however, more than make up for it.
MP's Pick - Lovable Yandere. There can be no other. The song's great, light, fluffy, yet it remains battle music. I always love these unconventional boss themes, and few do it better than this.

Distant Planet

L06 - Main Theme (Pikmin) - Planet Wisp [Sonic Colors]
L01 - World Map (Pikmin) - Final Boss (Phase 2) [Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon]
L07 - Stage CleaTitle (Pikmin) - Map A4 [Fire Emblem Fates]
L02 - Forest of Hope - Turn the Tides [Avizura]
L04 - Ai no Uta - Conquest (Ablaze) [Fire Emblem Awakening]
L08 - Ai no Uta (French Version) - Deep Mountains, Dark Valleys [Muramasa Arrange]
L05 - Tane no Uta - The Sun Rises [Okami]
Distant Planet. Project M's one and only true "forest stage." The olive tones allow for a much different song selection than the majority of the stages, being well suited to flutes, pianos, and generally a more Eastern orchestral feel. A good number of the tracks here are Japanese influenced, or Celtotropic, things outside the bounds of what most stages can support. And the way the lighting and the rain sounds come in allow for even more variety than normal.
MP's Pick - It's a tough call, but I think I'll have to go Planet Wisp, personally. The bass is wonderful, it's got a classic feel to it, and when the piano mixes with the rain, it's absolutely amazing.


D01 - Main Theme (Metroid) - Dr. Eggman Showdown [Sonic Lost World]
D03 - Ending (Metroid) - It Has to Be This Way (Platinum Mix) [Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance]
D02 - Norfair - Heavy Day [Guilty Gear Xrd]
D05 - Theme of Samus Aran, Space Warrior - Cauldron Rave [Cerebrawl]
R12 - Battle Scene/Final Boss (Golden Sun) - RISING [Blazblue: ChronoPhantasma]
R07 - Marionation Gear - Big Blast Sonic [Guilty Gear Xrd]
Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Buttrock Caverns. A wonderful, deep, and angry red permeates the atmosphere here, making it the perfect place for hype-up Buttrock. I didn't really have a stage dedicated to hard-rocking, classic "Fight Music," as we think of it, and I couldn't ask for a better example. The harsh look of the platforms, on top of the lava below, allows for electric guitar, rough vocals, and aggressive drums like nowhere else, while also allowing fusion hip hop like Cauldron Rave and orchestral pieces in Eggman Showdown with equal ease.
MP's Pick - As much as I love me some Guilty Gear, I'm going to have to go with In The End It Has To Be This Way, for its fade-vocals. Metal Gear Rising has a way to instate vocals only as the game reaches maximum hype, and the Platinum Mix duplicates this effect with the greatest of ease, with the vocals coming in around 4 minutes into the match. Musical evolution is a powerful force (and the primary point of this SoundPack), and this song demonstrates admirably why this is so.


W07 - Dreamland (Super Smash Bros.) - Spirited Girl [Persona 4 Arena]
W06 - Green Greens (Melee) - Catus Carnival [Blazblue Continuum Shift Extend]
Dreamland is another light and fluffy stage, with happy trees and floating dedede's abound. The pastel greens and browns match with the blues of the background to create a pretty damn cheerful atmosphere, so I tried to match that in my musical selections, with lighthearted pianos, organs, and guitars being the order of the day. After all, you're going to live forever, might as well enjoy it while you do, right?
MP's Pick - Catus Carnival by a slim margin. While Spirited Girl fades out the piano into the background pretty quickly, the organ takes center stage in CC, backed by a ska guitar, piano, and very, very quiet brass section for the perfect playful tune.

Yoshi's Story

W05 - Yoshi's Island (Melee) - Yoshi's Athletic Techno [Yoshi's Island Remix]
W15 - Super Mario Bros 3 (Melee) - Beloved Tomboyish Girl [Touhou Hisoutensoku: Unthinkable Natural Law]
Yoshi's Story is a... limited stage, option wise. Everything it does, visually at least, other stages do better. It's upbeat, but not as much as Green Hill Zone. It's fluffy, but not as much as Dreamland. It doesn't change like Island does. It's a Yoshi stage that isn't Island. And that's about as much as I can say about it. Athletic Techno went here because I felt the tracklist needed something to elevate it on the level of Island, and BTG went here because I needed something else to put here, and ska fit the bill nicely. I used to have Earth, Wind, and Fire's September here too, but I was worried about copyright claims on youtube's end, so I decided to remove it to protect your videos.
MP's Pick - Yoshi's Athletic Techno is the best thing I could do here. It fits the stage, has a good beat, and moves with the match.

Castle Siege

J02 - Fire Emblem Theme - Map E3 [Fire Emblem Fates]
J06 - Preparing to Advance - Id (Purpose) [Fire Emblem: Awakening]
J07 - Winning Road - Roy's Hope - Don't Speak Her Name! [Fire Emblem: Awakening]
J03 - Shadow Dragon Medley - The Edge of Green [Radiant Historia]
J13 - Eternal Bond (Ike's Theme) - ASGORE [Undertale]
Castle Seige is a grand stage, in every sense of the word. It's pretty damn easy to make picks as a result, from the sweeping sad sonatas of the Fire Emblem games to the powerful beats of Undertale and Radiant Historia. The meteoric rain falling from the sky lends a scale immediately that every other stage has to build up to, bringing with it an inherent sadness of sorts that allows fight music of a different sort. It's a great stage for music, and the only reasons it isn't completely full are Power Hungry Fool, and the fact it isn't as good as some of its counterparts.
MP's Pick - As much as I love ASGORE, I'm going to have to go with Id -Purpose- here. It's just the clear choice, as perhaps the greatest finale song of any Fire Emblem ever. It goes through so many motifs throughout, maintaining a consistent quality regardless. Just amazing.

Infinite Glacier

Q07 - Ice Climber - Go Blow Snow For A Year [housethegrate]
Q06 - Balloon Trip - Dude it's a mystery. I don't know what it is or how I got it. I think JCeaser may have been involved? It's unclear. [???]
Q08 - Shin Onigashima - Phendrana Drifts [Metroid Prime]
Q05 - Clu Clu Land - Ice Ice Outpost [Mario Kart 8]
Infinite Glacier, land of the shenanigan, is ridiculously chill. Beyond the pun, the ice blues of this stage lend themselves so easily to chill guitars and gentle synths it can only be called effortless. Just go here, wavedash around for a while, and ruminate on your life.
MP's Pick - Whatever the hell that mystery song is (seriously, can ANYONE tell me? I'm slowly being convinced I imagined the whole thing...) It's cool, relaxed, and perfectly encapsulates the essence of the stage in a way nothing else can.


P03 - Skyworld - Desperate Fight [Valkyria Chronicles]
P02 - Title (Kid Icarus) - Vega's Theme [Street Fighter 4]
P04 - Kid Icarus Original Medley - A Muzzle Dancing In Hatred [Wild Arms 5]
Skyworld, with it's dusky yellows, exists solely as a breeding ground for flamenco tunes. No one should ever have a reason to play it besides to hear its godly guitars and clapping clavettes. But that's okay, because those things are reason enough in and of themselves.
MP's Pick - Vega's theme narrowly ekes it out over Muzzle Dancing by virtue of its (fairly significantly) quicker start, although I don't think it's highs reach as high its competitor. Both are wonderful regardless.

Lylat Cruise

G10 - Space Armada - Jupiter Jazz [Cowboy Bebop]
Q12 - Tunnel Scene (X) - KDD-0063 (Theme of K' Team) [King of Fighters XIII]
Lylat Cruise can be considered Fountain of Dreams' harsher cousin. The ice blues of this stage mix with the black and gray for a rather stark contrast, allowing for a bit of a more aggressive sound musically while still maintaining that techno feel from all the other space stages.
MP's Pick - KDD-0063 wins here. It's the more solid song overall, and though it has a far shorter loop than Jupiter Jazz, it remains more interesting throughout.

Big Blue

W29 - Mute City (Melee) - Let's Go Away [Daytona USA]
W11 - Big Blue (Melee) - Persona Summoners [Persona 3: Spring of Birth]
Big Blue, the quintessential party stage. I couldn't very well call myself a SoundPack auteur if I neglected here, now, could I? To me, everything about this stage screams "classic arcade racing." Those vibrant primary colors fill the screen constantly, shifting throughout, but that blue never changes, and neither does the gray of the asphalt. So those were the colors and features I tried to base my song selection off of.
MP's Pick - DAY-TO-NAAAAAAA! Everything about this song and it's wonderful cheese speaks to me on an emotional level. It's just so perfect.

Hyrule Castle

C01 - Title (The Legend of Zelda) - Sleeping Treasure in the Sand [Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles]
C18 - The Hidden Village - Veo Lu Sluice [Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers]
Hyrule Castle is a stage of grays, browns and greens. A fairly standard fantasy castle here, its most notable feature remains it's correspondingly regal feel, which I tried to use in my matching attempts. I left the majority of the music intact here, as it remains my favorite zelda stage music-wise, but it felt so visually similar to the crystal chronicles games that I just couldn't help myself.
MP's Pick - Veo Lu Sluice has that classic aristocratic feel in addition to the flamenco spice I remain so fond of.

Metal Cavern

A01 - Metal Battle (Super Smash Bros. Melee) - If We Act Like Scholars (Ice Tower) [Wild Arms V]
There's really not much left to say for any of these remaining stages, so the reasoning will be paused until the victory themes.

Peach's Castle

W02 - Rainbow Cruise (Melee) - Rainbow Road (N64) [Mario Kart 8]


K10 - You Call This a Utopia?! - Ride!! [Mad World]

Luigi's Mansion

A09 - Luigi's Mansion Theme - Temple of the Drifting Sands [NieR]

Jungle Japes

W03 - Jungle Japes (Melee) - DK Rap (Looped) [Donkey Kong 64]

Hyrule Temple

W24 - Temple (Melee) - Sky Sands [Kirby Air Ride]

Spear Pillar

H08 - Dialga / Palkia Battle at Spear Pillar! - Primal Dialga's Fight to the Finish [Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky]

Practice Stage

X07 - Online Practice Stage - Noontide [Guilty Gear XX]


F08 - 02 Battle - Bombardment 2 [Skies of Arcadia]


R02 - PictoChat - Gestation [Tanguy Ukelele Orchestra]

Menu Themes

X02 - Project M 3.5 Main Theme - Triangulum -Dead of Night ver.- [SMT Devil Survivor 2 Arrange]
X03 - Menu 2 - Play That Beat [Cerebrawl]
W30 - Menu (Melee) - Main Theme [Persona 4 Dancing All Night]
X01 - Super Smash Bros Brawl Main Theme - Break Out Of -Free Mix- [Persona 4 Arena Ultimax]

Victory Themes

Z01 - Mario Bros Series - Pursuit ~ Keep Pressing On [Ace Attourney Dual Destinies]
Z02 - Donkey Kong Series - Donkey Kong Country Returns (Vocals) [Super Smash Bros. for Wii U]
Z03 - Legend of Zelda Series - Battle Theme(Hero) [The Last Story]
Z04 - Metroid Series - Crash Man Stage [Mega Man 2]
Z05 - Yoshi - Staff Roll [Splatoon]
Z06 - Kirby Series - Groose's Theme [The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword]
Z07 - Star Fox Series - Knock You Out [Street Fighter III: Third Strike]
Z08 - Pokemon Series - Challenger Invited [Sora no Kiseki]
Z10 - Captain Falcon - Burning Rangers Emergency Quest [Phantasy Star Online 2]
Z11 - Mother Series - Dance Hymn of the Soul (Disco In Velvet Room) [Persona 4 Dancing All Night]
Z16 - Ice Climbers - Extras [Sonic 2006]
Z17 - Fire Emblem Series - More Than Just Comrades [DJ the Snake]
Z18 - Mr. Game & Watch - Metal Crusher [Undertale]
Z21 - Wario Victory - Starring Wario! [Dance Dance Revolution Mario Mix]
Z22 - Meta Knight - N.M.H. [No More Heroes]
Z23 - Pit - Vyse's Theme [Skies of Arcadia]
Z25 - Olimar - Boo Night Fever [Paper Mario Sticker Star]
Z35 - R.O.B. - Andy's Theme [Advance Wars]
Z46 - Solid Snake - Way to Fall [Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater]
Z47 - Sonic The Hedgehog - Result [Sonic 2006]
N12 - Bowser - Big Top Bop [Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze]
When picking character themes, I felt that using just the series a character was from was a limiter too severe, and instead used a variety of methods to choose their themes. It could be based on the character's design, win pose, origin, their personality, atmosphere, anything.
So that's everything. The whole of the Feature Length SoundPack as of version 1.5, and probably the last version of the SoundPack to be released. But do not despair, children! For it shall emerge from the ashes, not as a mere SoundPack, but instead, ascending to a Hack Pack! Yes, the next version of the Feature Length Hack Pack will include costumes as well as music, costumes like Casino Luigi, and Hooded Marth, all perfectly tournament legal.
So go! Enjoy the pack, and don't forget to give me any feedback or requests you may have! If you would like me to compose a SoundPack for you, or even just make a BRSTM, send me a PM, and we'll work something out. Happy New Year, everybody!


DropBox Hackless
Mega Mirror
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[Table] IamA Cop who blew the whistle and was forced to resign AMA!

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Date: 2013-08-21
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Questions Answers
Do you regret your actions? If you could go back would you do it the same way again? I regret nothing. I swore to uphold all laws state and federal, and any cop who doesn't is a coward. I would do the same thing a million times over.
I thought so. Also, would you do anything differently on the night of the illegal search? I would have turned my phone off at the start of my shift, lol.
Man, I would buy you a beer or two. You're awesome, please continue being awesome. As long as it's dark and cold!
We need more cops like you. There are better cops than me. I have made several mistakes, one in particular I feel may have cost a woman her life. I was a rookie in Houston and got called to burglary in progress. A woman's crazy bf was trying to break into her house to kill her. I waaay first on scene and already felt like I was about to shit in my pants from the adrenaline. First on scene, and being a rookie, I didn't wait for back up, why would I? I'm fucking Superman. The lady met me at the front door yelling that he was in back trying to get in. So I run around back, gun in hand, looking for him. I then heard a scream out front, so I ran around front and saw my suspect who shoved his hands in his pockets. I pointed my weapon in the center of his chest and ordered him to get his hands up. He kept telling me he was going to make me kill him. I was scared shitless, so I moved towards him to try and bum rush him or get a better shot. He then yanked his hands up quick and I hesitated. I didn't shoot him. He then proned out and I cuffed him. Found a gun in his coat pocket. As I was taking him to jail, he kept whispering "I coulda killed you." Sent chills down a stupid rooks spine.
I found out his family had bonded him out a few days later, judge had set a low bond, and he found her at work and killed her. I kept beating myself up. I could have legally killed him that night, and been patted on the back. She would be alive. This still haunts me, even though I did the right thing.
On that note, is it unusual for your Captain to have communicated instructions to you and others via phone rather than the radio net? Not at all. Our radio doesn't work in a lot of the further parts of the county, so we were issued cell phones.
Jesus man. That's tough. However, you did the right thing and her death is not your fault. Either way, I feel I could have prevented it if I would have. It's something I live with every day. Luckily her kids were grown, not to sound callus, however it could have been a lot worse.
This still haunts me, even though I did the right thing. You did do the right thing; would you have been more happy had you shot him when he put his hand in his pocket and ended up pulling out his wallet? I would probably feel a lot worse off. That's why I hesitated. Even though it only lasted a few seconds, it felt like I had the time to decipher every possible outcome with the stress causing time to crawl. I remember seeing his hands come up in slow motion and the relief I felt that I didn't have to take his life. It's hard to explain, but it was surreal.
How commonly was this stuff happening? Fudging court documents, lying to the judge, etc? This is the only false report I have seen. But as you can imagine, it is very easy to do.
So basically I'm batting 1000 for cops lying and being utter pieces of shit. I know leave wherever I am if they show up, and I see them as worse than any true criminals I've ever dealt with. OP, you're better off not being in that profession. So I guess my question would be what else do you want to do? As for the other thing...fuck man, I don't even know what to say. Thank God for the video.
Did any cops side with you? Had anyone done anything like this in the past? Several sided with me, as well as the D.A. They just used my injury to run me off. funny thing is, there was a Deputy off for over a year with an injury that didn't get demoted.
Why was Captain so eager to search the house without a warrant first? Couldn't you all have just waited a few hours? He blames it on inpatients. The sad thing is, the guy was going to get a large quantity but had to turn around because the female called.
Impatience. Damn phone, I apologize, lol.
How do you know that about the large quantity? Did he say that himself? His gf told me as she was sitting in my car.
I'm guessing he wanted to pocket the cash from the dealer, that is why he was so determined to get in and be unwatched while searching. Dirty fucking cops everywhere. He wrote me off as a rookie, forgetting I worked in fucking Southwest Houston. The new guy who doesn't know shit doesn't tell, right? I mean, who would challenge a huge cocked Captain?
How do you feel when you see other officers that know you did the right thing but they choose to be wrong? Like a caged animal. I see them as no better than a child molestor.
Is it possible for you to get another law enforcement job, or has this whole thing just boned you in that respect? I'm pretty sure it boned me. I haven't tried due to my injury. I have back up plans as a pilot though, either way I'll be ok.
Civilian pilot or police/EMS? Civi.
Any idea of which type of flying, like airlines, tours, business, etc.? I'd like to fly the learjets commercially. They amaze me. I saw one doing stunts at an Airshow as a kid and I fell in love.
If you were to apply for another Law Enforcement job would your actions stand you in good stead and would you enter at a point that was similar to the level you were just at or would you have to start from the bottom again? I would be a dirty rookie again. Lol.
Try Federal, homie. Good one, you almost got me Snowden.
Shhh. This is why I am in the predicament I'm in. I can't just "shhh."
Are you able to get a job as a police officer anywhere else? Can you ever be a cop again or is it on your permanent record? I'm positive I will be black balled. No one likes a snitch.
No one likes a snitch. This is what really gets me. You didn't snitch, you did your job. Sorry to hear that happened to you and I hope this doesn't hinder you from continuing to do the right thing. I hope your kids are damn proud of you. My son just told me he hated me because I forgot to record Wild Kratts. I can't win anywhere. Lol.
So where the people the capt tried to get actually meth dealers ? The sad thing is they were. And they went free.
Better for a meth dealer to go free than for a corrupt cop to be allowed to infringe the 4th amendment rights of citizens with impunity. I agree. He will get caught soon enough.
If you lied and follow what the capt wanted would they have been convicted? He would have spent a long time in prison. He had priors.
What leads police officers to the mentality of the "thin blue line?" And what can we do, as citizens, to make sure this mentality doesn't negatively affect our lives when dealing with police? You risk your lives day in and day out with them. For the most part it's a thankless job and we deal with verbal abuse constantly. I would do anything they asked of me, except break the law or something that would diminish my morals.
Say thanks now and then. If they are a dick, try your best not to argue back. I can't believe I am going to say this, but I think everyone should be like the Russian citizens and install car cameras. Think of the house cleaning that would happen then.
What's your viewpoint on what happened to Christopher Dorner? I'm tossed up on that. He certainly took it passed any line a normal person would, but then who knows if the department lied on him. Too many unanswered questions.
I definitely commend you on what you did. Officers like you are hard to come by. I've been trying to get into law enforcement for the last 6 years, and continue to get passed up for "juice babies" and others with clout. I look at all of the sworn officers in my area and I am truly disgusted by them. Fat, out of shape slobs that sit in their squad collecting paychecks. They are the ones who give police departments a bad name. Are you even considering applying for another dept? Or will this follow you for any other department you move laterally to? I was absolutely done with being a cop...and then I started getting the itch. New episodes of cops reloaded hooked me again.
What needs to change in order to make more on duty officers more beholden to the oaths they take than any other motivations? Stop bullying the ones who call bad cops on their bullshit.
Have you seen this widespread at all? Is there an unknown bond or band of forced out cops? The reason no one likes law enforcement is because all the good ones are shoved out to make room for the money grubbing bad ones. I have seen it one other time in my eight years. A Deputy in Houston beat up a guy and stole $20 because we found child porn on his computer. Turned him in as well. You always hear stories, but rarely have I seen it.
Are you in any way Actrually shocked by the situation? I honestly was. It was like I was watching a movie. Very surreal.
Was there anything in particular that made you 'blow your whistle' when you did or was it just a build up of a lot of things that you knew you were going to blow a whistle on sooner or later? I figured he would get outted after the courts read the report. It was building inside me. When I read the report it literally took my breath away. My face flushed with anger and I honestly thought about kicking his ass.
Hello Officer and thanks for the AMA! Tough story to read, I feel for you and appreciate the goodheartedness you exhibited. My question: I am a "I know my rights" kind of person but I also do not do things to put myself in a position to assert those rights (ie, breaking the law or appearing to break the law). My question to you would be, when someone does start stating their rights, what is your reaction? For example, if I were to not roll my window down all the way for a traffic stop, or I were to just refuse to answer any questions during the stop, would that make you more angry or just meh at situation? It would make me suspicious, but rather than start a confrontation I would assume you are recording and ending up on YouTube, I would conduct my business as usual. If you were a bad guy and pulled a gun, my bullets would still go through the glass.
I know you probably get this question all the time but...can I hold your gun? I'm just glad you didn't ask if I've ever shot anyone.
Have you ever done a desk pop? Are you a real cop if you don't?
Do you honestly think that there are more good cops or bad cops overall? Especially when it comes to ratting out on your own buddies. I do. I've met a lot of amazing people and great cops. I've been blessed to have the best shift partners a man could ask for. I've saved lives with them, including lives that didn't want saved. I love my brothers and sisters who hold themselves to the standards we swore to.
Did this experience make you better understand why many decent people take the default position of being suspicious of all law enforcement? I already knew why.
What happened to the two other officers that came forward at the same time? Im assuming the same treatment but do you know if they are working their? Any luck finding a different job? They are still Reserves.
What sort of qualities in a person do you see going into law enforcement, and what sort of qualities would you like to see? Do you believe that internal affairs can be trusted to police the police? No, internal affairs are just feel good departments for the public.
That's so depressing... I wonder how many other lives he's messed up. Can you get a job in another PD/SO? Or do you think you're blacklisted? Who wants a snitch around?
I live in Yukon, OK. I am from OKC. This happened to me last night. I posted this to my Facebook. "Threat Level: Cellular" "A True Story that Took Place Less Than an Hour Ago" God I feel violated. I had to go into the OKC Sheriffs Office to give a family member some money. I have NEVER been treated more poorly in my life. Now I understand that is a job that has to deal with lots of shitty people, both inmates and relatives of inmates, but when has it become the standard to treat EVERYONE like a piece of shit? If I was a police officer I would imagine there would be an ideal to strive toward. I'm in full work uniform, I pay my taxes, I'm not a smart ass, I'm greeting you with a smile and asking polity where do I go to do the business I had come to conduct. I. AM. NOT. A. CRIMINAL. I'm at your place of business as a law abiding citizen. Here's the breakdown; I walk into the building. There is nobody at the "guard" desk or whatever. I stand for a moment, then slowly walk through the metal detector. Nothing goes off. Still my presence is unnoticed. Naturally I didn't think about it until afterward, but this right here is scary. My keys, change, belt or PHONE did not go off, and nobody was there to say otherwise. Who keeps the crazies with knives or other weapons out of the building? I wander my way over to the other front desk. Finally after a few moments I am noticed. I smile, wave and ask where I might find the kiosk I can give a resident some money. I have never been in this building before. I haven't had time to study the fucking blue prints apparently. They point me in the direction and the only thing I am told is that I would need my I.D. I go over to the machine and start to log on, create an account, etc etc. During this step, it says an authorization code is required. I have two options. 1. "Press here and we will call and give you your code. or 2. "Press here and we will send you a text message with your confirmation code." Hmmm. Well...I guess a text will do. A few seconds later and my Star Wars ring tone goes off. There waiting is my confirmation code. I go ahead and pull up ALL my account information I had just created. A police officer starts to wander around me. Of course my retail mentality and apparently naive attitude towards life makes me believe this is a friendly encounter, almost if I was going to hear him say, "Hey, how are you doing tonight?" God was I wrong. "Now I KNOW that isn't a cell phone you have." The lack of a question mark is intentional. I'm confused. "You can not have that in here. You NEED to get out." I'm super confused...what about my confirmation code...? It wasn't like I was being a smart ass or anything... "Oh...okay, it's just that the kiosk said they would text me my confirmation code?" "No you don't need that. You NEED to get out NOW!" I begin to make my way towards the door, however I'm still confused on how I"m suppose to complete this service that offered inside the building. "Okay, do I request the code, then go outside and get it and come back in and enter it?" "Son I've worked here 40 years and YOU DO NOT NEED that. Now you NEED to get out now or I"M GOING TO ARREST YOU!" I can not even describe how...dehumanizing this was said. Not to mention I'm looking at a screen that says, "Enter your confirmation code here." I leave. Put my phone in my car. Go back inside. Still nobody is by the metal detector. Still nothing goes off. I know in Norman a damn dime will go off in it's stuck in my sock! I again try and get the attention of the front desk. "Yes?" "Yeah, I was just in here, is there another way for me to get this-" I'm suddenly cut off by some weird...Chewbacca sounding grunts coming from behind the desk. It's the same officer. I'm unsure what he said but it was CLEARLY something that upset him towards me... I don't know what to do but show him I don't have my phone... I hold my wallet and keys up. "Is this okay to have...?" "WHAT IS IT!!" "...my...my...car keys..." "THAT'S...fine." I again ask the girls behind the desk what the hell do I do??? "No there is a button you just need to skip all of that." Well shit, that would have been nice to know... I wait in line because now someone else has apparently walked up to use the kiosk, I'm unsure if all my information was still on the screen when this other person decided to use it. I wait patiently in line as...you know...people fucking do. "SIR! THERE IS ANOTHER MACHINE AROUND THE CORNER!" WELL FUCK ME! I'M SO GOD DAMN SORRY I DID NOT STUDY THE FUCKING LAYOUT OF THE GOD DAMN BUILDING! My compliant are these; Is it too hard to act professional? I understand you have to be a hard ass to inmates perhaps, but...to...the citizens who walk into your building? Is it too hard to say, "Sir, I'm sorry to interrupt, but we have a no cell phone policy, you need to take that outside immediately." "Oh okay but the kiosk says I need this code." "Well I don't know how that works...and honestly I don't care that's not my job. But I have to ask you to take that outside now." GET SOMEONE TO WATCH THE GOD DAMN FRONT!!! Why have a machine in your place of business that offers a service...only to threaten to arrest people who use that service? "HEY GUYS COME INTO MY RETAIL STORE! OF COURSE WE HAVE A CASH LANE FOR YOU CHECK OUT YOUR GOODS AT...but if you use it we will arrest you." DO NOT OFFER SOMETHING THAT CAN NOT BE DONE IN YOUR BUILDING! Or at the very least, do not tell me it's not there when we are both looking RIGHT FUCKING AT IT! In conclusion, I did the only manly thing I could do. I told my mommy. Of course she calls up there and the girls behind the desk who I had to get their attention told her "We stopped him as soon as he came in and made sure he didn't have a cell phone. We asked him and he said, "No I do not have a cell phone." Now I don't know what went on between him and the officer..." Straight up fucking lied. I have never missed Yukon police officers so much. Seriously I was driving home PISSED and sincerely missing Yukon cops. They pulled me over at 4am the other night because...well it's freaking 4am and my car looks like it's stolen. I received a hand shake and a "Have a good morning." Why? Because I'm not a fucking criminal. The End. I'm sorry man. I don't know what to say.
Why did the Captain do all of those unlawful things to begin with? I mean whats in it for him to bag some low level meth dealer? Looks good on his arrest record? He has the God complex. He wants to swing his arrest dick around so he can get people to suck it. Same man wanted to have an "arrest competition." Does that say anything to you?
What happened to the two reserved deputies that also came forward? They are still reserves.
Do you think Edward Snowden and Bradley Manning also did they right thing by blowing the whistle? I do. It's bullshit that we can't have any privacy anymore, and wanting it makes you "suspicious."
You seem extremely concerned about being "exposed for making this story public" due to the fact the Captain could continue making your life a living hell... You've even expressed fear of bodily harm if your Captain should ever find out.. Yet you proceed to give a vividly detailed description of the entire incident that could easily be linked back to you if the Captain or any other related officer stumbled upon this (now front page) submission.. So are you worried about negative repercussions of sharing this story or not? What can the Captain legally do to hassle your life after he or his officers read this, which I'm sure will be within the next 24 hours --assuming him or the local department care that much-- ?? This was a test before I go bigger.
Have you considered pursuing a job in IA at any department? And what are your thoughts on IA generally? I know very little about the subject other than what is portrayed on television dramas. IA still normally do what the governing body, be it a Sheriff or Chief wants them to do. It's just a feel good thing for the public.
What percentage of police officers would you say are good, honest cops vs. the number that are just plain assholes? And out of the honest ones how many are going to go along with the assholes in situations like you were in? When it comes to the "assholes" would you say they act this way due to racism, power complex, or were they simply jaded by seeing terrible shit all the time? Wait until I get home, I'll need my computer to type out this one.
Nice M&P. Is it your duty weapon? I assume you purchased it yourself since you still have it after quitting. M&P .45. Yup, she's all mine.
Would you take a hug from a giant black guy? if so can I hug you? Hug me! Let's show stereotypes are bullshit!
Have you considered talking to the initial suspects and seeing if they would be willing to press charges of false arrest/detention, planting evidence, illegal entry? They hav the ability to make the Sheriffs life a living hell and possibly even force him to lose his job. I believe they are. I haven't spoken with them because...fuck them, they are still meth dealers.
Snuggling. Yes, please.
Welcome to Small Town, USA, where the Good Ol Boys run things. Ruin*
Damn you learn quick. I'm a Lurker.
Well, this thread fishing tailed off topic quickly. This was fucking beautiful. Thanks for the hearty chuckle!
You should get this out to the media so at least the Sherriff gets shamed. I've thought about it, but I'm scared they would kill me. Yeah...it's that bad.
Its funny how people defend cops ("comeon guys theyre not all bad") until this shit happens to them. We know theres some good cops, the point is it only takes one bad cop to ruin someones life, they need to be named, shamed, fired, and sued into poverty. They need to be sitting next to all the souls they threw in jail, whether he arrested them illegally or legally.
I want to upvote you more for this. I've seen police officers look heartbroken when a couple of little kids were scared of them. I'm pretty sure that's a horrible thing for parents to teach their kids. I'd rather die than have a kid scared of me because of my job.
Thank you for maintaining your integrity and standing up for what you swore an oath too. Thank you for saying thank you!
Good for you! It's a shame good cops are forced out by the corrupt ones. At least the Captain is on the Brady list and known as a liar. I won, but also lost. They moved him to Captain of the court house. I really miss the job though.
Well if law enforcement doesn't work out you could always write short stories. Score!
It didn't sound like they found anything but weed at the residence, but hopefully OP clarifies. Empty bags of meth. Scales, bongs, and meth making equipment.
How does it feel to be betrayed by a superior and fucked by the funky ways of the judicial system. Like I got buttfucked by a rhino.
I want to say you did the right thing. Jesse Ventura would be proud of you. As long as I've made Macho Man Randy Savage proud as well, I'm okay. Oooohhh yeeeaaahhh!
The cream always rises, or in this case lets call it pond scum. Turds float.
It's good that Reddit can see some examples of good cops since all they like to pay attention to are the bad ones. It's all you see. Arresting a guy who beat his wife half to death doesn't make the news unless you hit him and he cries foul.
TIL that casinos are a hot bed for criminals. For lack of a better word, they are a cancer.
You said that you swore to uphold the law. As an officer, how do you feel about the quote, "an unjust law is no law at all." I can see both sides of that.
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